Public liability insurance

When and Why You Need Public Liability Insurance for Small Business

If you are a small business owner that makes or sells products or interacts with the general public, it is important to consider obtaining public liability insurance. Lawsuits could have a detrimental effect on any industry if a business isn’t adequately insured. 

Public Liability Insurance 

This type of insurance covers general negligence, causing injury, as a result of your business. It is designed to protect your business against claims from accidents or injuries as well as accidental damage to property owned by someone else. A business owner or sole trader is accountable for customers, suppliers and anyone else who has involvement in the business. This should not be confused with professional indemnity insurance, which covers negligence in your business’ service.

If an accident or injury occurs your business may be liable for hefty legal fees as well as covering the cost of the damage or injury caused. If you are conducting business activities in public spaces, have people visit your work premises, work at other people’s premises or even manufacture goods your business may have legal liability in the event of damage or personal injury. Public liability insurance is the best defence against property damage or personal injury. 

Examples of claims:

A small toy business makes a toy that has a sharp edge and injuries a child playing with it. The parent may then make a claim against the toy business for the injury caused by the defective toy. 

If the toy business didn’t have public liability insurance they may have to foot the bill for legal fees and any other compensation.

A shop owner cleans their floors. It is mostly dry besides a small patch. A patron then enters the store and slips. The patron may make a claim against the business in the case of injury. 

This is another example where it is important to have the correct amount of public liability insurance cover for any legal fees and compensation.

Level Of Cover

Having an adequate level of insurance cover for your business needs is vital. Many events that occur leading up to claims being made towards businesses are unforeseen. Being sued for negligence can be costly to your business and have long-lasting negative impacts. It is important to find out exactly how much cover your business needs, as some industries require a certain level of cover in order to legally operate.

The Real Cost Of Public Liability

Although public liability insurance is not compulsory, by law, in Australia, some industries and occupations require business owners to obtain a policy. Depending on where you live you may be required to have public liability insurance in order to operate. 

If you hire a public venue you may also be required to obtain a policy in order to hire the space. Public liability insurance provides you with peace of mind in the unfortunate event of an accident or injury to another person in your workspace. Not having adequate cover could have a costly effect on your business. It may be in your best interest to engage with a business insurance consultant to decipher what kind of policy would suit your business.

Engaging With A Business Insurance Consultant

Public liability insurance cover is commonly purchased with the assistance of insurance brokers who specifically specialise in business insurance. Business insurance professionals have the ability to find a policy to suit your specific needs. They have the skills to negotiate insurance policy contracts and review relevant product disclosure statements.

Business Insurance Consulting offers a highly professional service for your business liaising with insurance companies, providing you with insurance quotes and can assist in finding you the right level of cover. If you have any enquiries regarding business insurance or to discover the optimum cover for your business contact Craig at Business Insurance Consulting today.