Suncorp Offering Grants To Rebuild After Natural Disasters

Suncorp pledged 1 million in grants to assist with the rebuilding in remote, rural and regional areas within Australia. In the hopes to rebuild resiliently in preparation for any future disasters. The first round of grants is now open and currently available to communities within NSW and South East Queensland impacted by severe flooding in March.

NSW experienced record rainfall within a 7 day period since data began being collected in 1900. The rainfall in the area of the state that drains into the Tasman Sea averaged 252.9 millimetres in the seven days leading up to March 24, breaking previous records. 

Suncorp has partnered with Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) to conduct the Suncorp Rebuilding Futures program. Individual grants of up to $15,000 are being offered to local community groups and not-for-profit organisations to support the long term recovery and resilience building of vulnerable communities. The first round is open until September 15 with successful applicants being named in November.

10,000 insurance claims were received by Suncorp following the flooding in rural and regional communities. More than 60% of the total claims have now been finalised, assisting the community to recover from natural disasters. 

CEO Steve Johnston said “I’ve seen firsthand the devastation and emotional toll of natural disasters, which is why we are supporting communities to not just build back but to make themselves more resilient than before. We are working closely with our building partners to progress repairs as fast as possible”. 

Suncorp’s Rebuilding Futures grants aim to empower locals to collaborate and design local solutions. They understand that recovery is a marathon but communities are best placed to steer their own future. 

The CEO of FRRR, Natalie Egleton mentioned that “This program, with a focus on the medium to long-term needs and building back better, will mean that when there are significant disasters support will be available to local groups’”. 

The first round of funding consists of $200,000 in grants and applications are open until September 15 to help support the long term recovery of flood-impacted communities. 


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Insurance Companies Join COVID Vaccination Push

Some of Australia’s largest insurance companies are urging eligible staff members to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. With the possibility of offering an employer-assisted vaccine roll-out. The government is currently assessing a policy that could allow vaccinated employees to return to work. 

Suncorp CEO Steve Johnston stated the insurer is “strongly advocating” for vaccines as “our ticket to a more ‘normal’ existence”. Mr Johnston has himself been fully vaccinated after receiving two doses of AstraZeneca. He encouraged “doing everything possible to support and encourage our employees to play their part and get vaccinated”. 

They are currently working with chief medical officers to answer any queries employees may have and to continue the vaccination program. Members of staff have access to paid leave to attend vaccination appointments during work hours and Suncorp is actively considering playing a role in employer-assisted vaccine roll-out. 

Allianz mentioned that it is “actively encouraging” all of its employees to receive the vaccine and is offering flexible work options to attend their appointment during work hours. A spokesman said that they have “also registered their interest with Australian Vaccine Services to participate in a corporate vaccination program”.

Allianz has recently introduced a pandemic leave policy giving their employees access to paid leave if they have exhausted all of their normal leave and are unable to work due to COVID related restrictions. 

IAG introduced measures, in June, to support their employees, including leave to attend COVID-19 vaccination appointments. A spokesman mentioned that “employees can take a half day paid leave for each of their vaccination appointments”. 

Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon including Broker Marsh who says it is encouraging all eligible staff to get vaccinated, while Willis Towers Watson believes vaccination protects “family, friends and colleagues”. 

The Head of Australasia and Head of Corporate Risk and Broking Simon Weaver says “WTW is strongly encouraging all colleagues to get vaccinated once eligible”. Recognising the importance of slowing COVID-19 cases. Understanding the difficulty to secure appointments they are offering flexibility for employees to attend appointments. 


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