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Increased fire danger in NT after record dry levels

Dry conditions in northern parts of Australia will increase bushfire threat in the region in the coming months, reports the Australian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC).

AFAC’s Season Bushfire Outlook for Winter 2022 reports that NT areas surrounding the Gulf, Victoria River and Katherine regions will face fire risks above expected levels from June to August. 

“Our colleagues in the NT are preparing the landscape and the community for the dry season, with some locations near or at record dry levels over the past three months, which increases their fire risk,” AFAC CEO Rob Webb said. 

The report forecasts a wet winter season, with above average rainfall expected in the ACT and parts of Queensland and NSW, reducing the likelihood of fire threats in those areas. 

“We have seen significant rainfall this year for much of the country, and are expecting above average rain to continue through winter,” Mr Webb said. 

However, he warns that the decreased threat poses an additional risk for traditional fire seasons later in 2022.

“While this reduces fire potential for this season, it will increase grass and fuel as we move into spring and summer. Agencies will continue to monitor local conditions and manage risks accordingly.” 

AFAC warns that deadly fires could still occur in normal fire risk zones, and suggests that all Australians remain vigilant to fire threats. 

With the devastating floods that affected Queelsnad and NSW earlier this year, it’s even more poignant that Australians are taking measures to protect their homes and businesses. 

While the Government needs to be pushed to take action to ensure that there are proper mitigation measures, Australians need to ensure they are insured against extreme weather events. 

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