Top 5 Benefits Of Event Insurance in Australia

Top 5 Benefits Of Event Insurance in Australia

Are you planning a small work function or a large-scale public event? 

Regardless of how often you plan events or the size of them, it’s important to protect yourself with event insurance. Here are 5 of the top benefits that event insurance provides. 

 1. Protected Against Weather Related Cancellation

Bad weather ahead sign.

There are so many factors beyond your control when planning any kind of function or event. If anything goes wrong, it’s you that’s left out of pocket or indebted. 

The best way to protect yourself in these situations is to ensure you have a comprehensive insurance policy.

We know that especially in Australia it can go from being sunny to rainy in a matter of minutes. This is why bad weather is at the top of the list of uncontrollable events that can lead to having to cancel your event.

Your event insurance policy can cover you for any losses that you endure as a result of having to cancel your event due to dangerous weather conditions. 

 2. Covered For Performer Related Losses

Stage with instruments but no performers.

Another common unexpected factor that can impact your event is if your star performer doesn’t turn up. We understand that it can be hard to keep track of everyone performing at big functions like music festivals. And sometimes, smaller functions also.

But if you don’t, and a performer doesn’t turn up or falls ill this can lead to a wave of refund applications or event cancellation, depending on the size of the function. 

With event insurance cover, you will be protected against any financial losses that occur as a result of abandonment or non-appearance of a performer.

 3. Covers Personal Accidents

Leg in cast with crutches.

When planning an event of any size you are likely to have a host of voluntary workers helping make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible. 

Accidents happen, so you must protect yourself in the case of any accidental injuries or death. 

While it is a grim thing to think about when planning a fun celebration, you should be aware of the reality of the risks and statistics. Safe Works Australia states that ‘from 2003 to 2016, there have been 29 fatalities related to an event’.

So, with this in mind, it is beneficial that event insurance covers the out-of-pocket expenses related to any accidental injuries that may occur. 

 4. No Losses From Damage

Broken Apple laptop on table.

Accidental injuries occur and so can property damage. In the excitement of an event, the venue or equipment such as sound systems or instruments can sustain damage.

Depending on the venue or equipment it can be expensive to repair or replace it. This can leave you potentially thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. With venue and equipment insurance you will be covered for these costs. 

5. Public Liability Protection

Desk with keyboard, money, pen, and clipboard saying 'Liability Isurance'.

When hiring a public venue, it is common for the venue to request that you obtain your own public liability insurance or public event insurance. This is to ensure the venue owners know that they will be protected in the event of any injuries or damages.

Regardless of whether they require it though, it is a good idea to protect yourself with liability cover so that you are also not left out-of-pocket. 

This type of insurance will also cover any costs associated with claims from third parties. So, if any attendees get injured at your event or the venue owners have any complaints, you will be protected. 

Cover Your Next Event

If you don’t have event cover and have a function of any size coming up, we can help ensure you’re protected. 

Visit our website or contact us to request a quote, and we can help review your insurance options and get you set up with any business insurance that you require. 


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